Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Flats Challenge wrap-up

Wow life went a little wild and I never posted about the rest of my week of flats and handwashing. I did it and succeeded in using flats for Baby Sister all week but on Fri Little Sister was crying for a "paper diaper" (sposie). On Saturday, Mr H. watched the kiddos for a while and put her in a sposie - after that she wouldn't go back to a flat. I did have to pick up a pair of rubber gloves halfway through the week to protect my poor hands (the excema was trying to spread on one of them). I found that I liked the pad fold for Baby Sister but every time Little Sister wore a pad fold it bunched up weird and if she pooped in it I had to retire the cover because it was very dirty. So the Origami fold worked the best for her. I did try the origami with a twist on both girls but it I like the original origami fold.

By the end of the week I felt like a pro at handwashing (even though my bucket lid split in 3 places).  I know that if some disaster does happen I will be prepared to wash my clothes using the bucket. I'm keeping my bucket washer for that reason. It was eye opening and definitely doable.