Friday, September 25, 2009

Homemade stuff

I have been trying to save some money lately because of this economy and to make things more easy if I can make it myself. I've been making different cleaning supplies. I make my own diaper detergent and it is so easy to make. I found all my ingredients in the laundry isle of the grocery store and all of them are pretty close to costing $5 or less and it makes a lot of detergent.
The recipe is:
1 cup Oxyclean Free
1 cup Washing Soda
1 cup Borax.
I have a front loading washer and I only need 1 TBS for a light/small load and 2 TBS for a large load or very dirty load. I've been using it for a while and it is doing it's job. No fragrances and it doesn't have soap in it to cause buildup. Plus it doesn't cause bubbles in my diaper laundry so I don't have to keep rinsing until all the bubbles are gone.

I'm also going to make some wipe solution today. I just need to get a spray bottle to put it in. The recipe I'm using is:
2 cups distilled water (I'm boiling my tap water - distilled water keeps the solution from going bad too soon)
2 TBSP baby soap (I'm using Johnson's nightime baby wash)
2 tsp baby oil (I'm using Johnson's baby oil lavender scent)
a drop or two of Tea Tree Essential Oil and you could use a drop or two of Lavender Essential Oil but I figure I'm using the lavender scented oil and wash so I have that already)

Helping others out

I gave some tips in person yesterday when I took baby sister to a parenting meeting in a t-shirt and a Haute Pocket. I think that educating others on the different types of cloth diapers out there now helps them decide whether it is a good idea to make the switch from disposables to cloth. I feel pretty good about the info I gave. I even gave away the diapers I don't really use all the time to let one of my friends try them out on her child. It feels good to help others out.

The reason I started this blog wasn't just to show off my sewing I wanted to help inform anyone about the things that are out there and how to sew them yourself. Now the basics - cloth diapers are very different from the ones my mom used on me and my siblings. They have better covers that breathe so there are fewer rashes - no more plastic pants. There are different styles of diapers out there - prefolds and flats, fitteds, pockets, and All-in-ones (AIO). Prefolds and flats still need to be folded on the baby. Fitteds are my personal favorite they can be made out of many different materials and they do not need to be folded. Prefolds and fitteds need covers so that they don't leak onto any clothes that are on top of them. Pockets are usually made out of Polyurithane Laminate (PUL) outer and a wicking fabric on the inside like microfleece or suedecloth. They have a pocket (hence the name) in them that you stuff with an insert (I use microfiber inserts). The most costly diapers are AIOs but they are the closest to disposables you don't stuff them and you just put them on. The covers are usually made out of PUL but I've seen some made out of nylon (Dappi covers) I love making them out of fleece and I'm on the lookout for some wool to try. I've heard that wool is more absorbant and it has antimicrobial characteristics. Plus you don't need to wash them as often either - another bonus! To start I'd suggest trying out the different styles to see what works for you and your lifestyle.

That's just the basics

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My latest creations

I've been a little busy lately. I was so excited to get some snap pliers and snaps to put on my diapers now. I finally finished some diapers and covers. Oh and today I made 10 wipes one side is flannel and the other side is microsuede. I thought I could use the microsuede for the inside of my diapers but it isn't good next to baby's skin. I mixed it up with suedecloth.

2 wipes, 3 Rita's Rump pocket diapers (RRP), and 1 Baa Baa Baby easy cover

An action shot of a RRP

the 10 wipes I finished tonight

My first fleece pocket diaper with snaps

big brother's soaker - Baby sister has one that is already cut out just not sewn together.

Another switch over - my diaper stash so far

Just wanted to show off the cloth diaper stash I have. Keep in mind that I have 2 kids in diapers right now. Plus there are a few that are dirty - 2 more pockets, 2 more mutts, and 2 that I made.
Covers: far left row 3 Bumkins large, 2 small Imse Vimse, and 3 Bumkin small, then the fleece soakers I've made - med row, 1large 2 xl row, and a long large and long med.

2 dozen infant chinese prefolds, 1 dozen premium Indian prefolds and the small (more like newborn soaker I made)

pockets and Kissuluvs size 1 fitteds

one of the diapers I made

all but 2 of the Mutts

some I made, the 2 minky ones are from Cheeky Bum and the nb/smalls

My fabric Stash: Knit patterns



cut out diapers ready to sew - when I find time :)

A few more finished diapers

I'm switching this one over from the other blog:

I have tons of material to make my diapers now I just need some motivation. Here are a few more pictures of finished diapers I made and 2 fleece soaker covers.

Welcome to my new blog

Welcome to my new blog. I was getting the feeling that my regular blog was getting bogged (or blogged hehe) down with too much of my cloth diapering stuff. So I decided to start a new one just for the diapers and various other crafts I make. I hope you enjoy!