Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dolce Diapers

Little Sister wasn't a very happy model for the diaper.

Actions shots of the back

front while standing no gapping in front.

the front fit of the diaper

Big Brother had to show off his fleece pants that match the diaper. He wore these to bed over the diaper. It looks a little fluffier than what he normally wears but he likes it.

He looks happy about the diaper

no gapping in the crotch

Showing off how great the fit in the butt is.

I'm testing a new diaper for my kids. It is called the Dolce diaper. The Mama is a WAHM and is trying to get her business started. The Grand Opening is on March 15th! When I first got the diaper Big Brother grabbed it and just held on to it like he does with his blankie. He didn't want to let go. I don' t blame him it was so soft and squishy and the stretch is great. I made sure to get the snapless Dolce diaper so that I could fit it on both kids. I tried the diaper on both kids - Big Brother wore his overnight and had a small leak but that was probably because of me not prepping it enough first (I only washed it once before putting it on him). Little Sister got to wear it twice - the first time we had a snappi problem and the whole diaper came off. The 2nd time she wore the diaper it stayed on longer and I was able to get pictures. We had some errands to run so she was in the diaper with a Thirsties Duo Wrap and then had some overalls on top of that for about 3 hours. She was struggling to get up off of the floor (you know stand up) and I think the overalls were a little too snug on her. I folded the rise down for her so that she didn't have it over her belly button.

I like the fit on both kids and I love the print and so does Big Brother - "girlie" colors doesn't bother him at all.

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