Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekly sewing goals

This week my goal is to organize my sewing space. Notice I said space and not room - I only have a small area where I'm looking at a wall. If I try to sew while kiddos are awake they destroy the house behind me. Big Brother is now refusing to take a nap anymore so I have only when they fall asleep at night to sew. Anyway I have some before pictures and hope to add the after pictures soon.

The sewing table.

This is what is behind my sewing machine - lots of scraps and half finished projects.

The rest of the fabric and various stuff gets stuck on my desk.

Another goal I have is to make my older 2 kiddos some training pants. Big Brother has almost successfully mastered the art of using the potty be we still have a bunch of accidents. Little Sister thinks she can go potty too so she refuses to wear a diaper, then immediately pees in her underwear. I have a few patterns to try out and I'm really wanting to buy the tinkle time trainer pattern. I think I need a few trainers with PUL for outings and some with knit for around the house with a hidden PUL layer so I don't have to clean up so many messes.

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