Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Today I feel crafty. I have finally gotten around to sewing again. I haven't wanted to sew for a while. Here is what I finished today.

Ok so this was finished a few weeks ago and is a little wonky I need new elastic on there (it isn't the right size for Little Sister). I used Dana's market skirt pattern and tutorial to make it I just didn't add the pockets. I also used an old tablecloth as the top and bottom strip.

Little Sister has a big blanket made from this same material and it is her favorite. I made a smaller one to keep her from carrying the big one all over the house. At least I hope she keeps her big one on her bed.

Fleece pants for 2 of the kiddos I have another one cut out for Baby Sister and I hope to get it done during naptime.

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