Tuesday, May 25, 2010

new diapers

I still haven't made anything lately but I have a few older things that I haven't taken pictures of yet.

My first newborn diaper - it is so small. I made it using the Cloth Revolution pattern.

with a contoured snap in soaker

and a few other diapers.

Little Sister loves this owl diaper she picks it to wear every time it is clean.

Little Sister modeling my newest diaper. Fleece and cotton on the outer with suede cloth inner - another pocket fitted. It would be just a pocket if I had added another full layer of fleece under the whole thing. Oh and I made this one with a fold down rise and snappiable.

the front

and the back. I need to get a picture of the inside of this diaper - I made a sham almost like the Bum Genius except that it is too low and hard to get the insert out when the diaper has poop in it.

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