Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Various crafts

I got just a little burned out on making diapers. I still have a bunch cut out and ready to be sewn together. I decided that I need to make some things for Baby Sister (only 5 more weeks) so I tried my hand at a car seat canopy.

This one is actually for another baby as a shower gift but I plan on making one for me too. I used this really easy tutorial to make it and it only took me an afternoon (or it should have if I had sewn the straps on that day :P)

For the baby shower gift I also made a receiving blanket and I love the stitching on it. I had to use another sewing machine to do the sewing though. I made a matching one for Baby Sister but I made hers with rag edges (no pics of that one yet but it is finished).


Nichole said...

Very cute! I need to make a car seat cover. Hope mine turns out as well.

Sheryl said...

thanks Nichole. I need to make one for myself too.