Monday, July 26, 2010

Cloth Baby pattern Testing

Obviously this is Baby Sister in some brand new fluff. I tried out a new pattern last weekend for another mama. She really wanted to see how it looked on a new little baby since she is due to have a baby next month I think. Anyway here is how a newborn (currently 7lbs 6oz and 21.5in) fits in a OS snappiable diaper. The diaper is made with thermal knit outer a hidden layer of fleece (Blizzard from Joann's if you want to get technical) and an inner layer of cotton velour. I'm thinking that most of the bulk was from the hidden fleece layer. I also used a cloth wipe folded in half as an insert since I haven't made one yet. I felt it was way too bulky on my little one so I added a bamboo insert and Little Sister wore it. I like the way it fits on her much better.


Big Mama said...

when I finally get started making my own diapers.. I am going to start with newborn diapers... b/c they are smaller! LOL

do you have ag ood pattern for that?

Sheryl said...

I really liked the newborn Cloth Revolution pattern and also the Tighty Whitey Hipster pattern in newborn size. Infant prefolds have also been working great for me and Baby Sister.
I have tons of printed patterns that I wanted to try but I ran out of energy and time. I've heard great things about the free darling diapers unlimited (DDU) newborn pattern and that was one of the ones I had printed but never made.