Friday, July 16, 2010

Baby Sister is Here

I was playing around on Facebook on Sat July 3rd and got up to get Little Sister a drink. I got to the fridge and went to turn around to ask her if she wanted milk or water when I started leaking all over. I was able to get to the bathroom where fluid just gushed and gushed. Little Sister had followed me into the bathroom and started slipping on the wet floor. I'm holding her by the arm and sitting on the toilet so I started yelling for Hubby to come here (he was sleeping). He came in and I told him that my water just broke and he was still sleepy and asked me "are you sure?" I just looked at him and showed him my wet pants and said "this is different from peeing my pants" Anyway, I didn't have any bags packed for me or for the kids so Hubby and I ran around the house getting things ready to go. I also had to change my pants again from the leaking. Anyway, after dropping the kids off at my SIL's we got to the hospital about an hour after my water broke. I think we got there after 6:30 and was hooked to an IV and had some pitocin around 7pm. Oh and the day before I was dilated 1cm but when I went in I was dilated to 3-4cm. I got an epidural around 8:30 and every single time the anesthesiologist went to do something to me I was focused on breathing through a contraction so I didn't really feel anything. Around 9:45 (I think - I can't remember) the nurse had me turn onto my left side and upped my pit to get things moving faster - I was just supposed to tell her if I was feeling pressure. I was laying there reading a book and Hubby was watching a movie. The resident came in to check on me and I mentioned that he should let the nurse know I was having a little pressure. She came in a few minutes later and wanted me to turn over onto my right side. I turned over to my back and just kind of thought "Oh there is something there." The nurse decided to check my cervix again and she was looked at me with her eyes wide and said, "Are you sure you haven't been feeling any pressure? There is baby's head right there!" She then went to call my OB in. She came back in with the resident and started getting the room ready. She also just told me "whatever you do DON'T PUSH!!!" So I waited it out through the contractions where I felt her coming but I didn't push. My OB arrived and started saying I was very nice to let him finish lighting fireworks with his family and Hubby mentioned that I had let him finish his movie too. The nurse had to remind my OB to get gowned up (he came in a t-shirt and shorts) because the baby was right there. My dr looks at me and says "OK don't cough, sneeze, laugh, or push in any way" I just looked at him like he was crazy - then the nurse the resident, and my OB start teasing me about not having a 4th of July baby and her coming into the world with a bang and just teasing me about not even feeling that the baby was there. I couldn't handle it anymore and I burst out laughing. Hubby tried to get me to stop and the nurse just looked and me and said, "Come on! I've never had someone laugh their baby into the world." I couldn't stop laughing and out came my baby girl - no pushing at all at 10:41pm.
She was 8lbs 4oz 21in and she looked different than my other kids. She has been really sleepy and had to deal with Jaundice because my milk didn't come in until 5 days (but that is typical for me). We spent 2 nights and a day trying to get her to stay in the bilibed. She is a strong little lady. She is almost 2 weeks and is finally starting to get a pink color back in her skin.


Nichole said...

Congrats! I am sure laughing will just never be the same! LOL

Big Mama said...

what a great story! I love that you laughed your baby into the world!

Jenna said...

that is the best birthing experience I have ever heard! I'm sure she will be such a happy baby.

Sheryl said...

Thanks. It was pretty funny. I'm still chuckling about it.

Now I need to show off baby sister in her newborn fluff. So huge compared to her chicken legs LOL.