Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I'm now at a point in my life that diapers are not being used as much for my 2 older kiddos. I've been working on making some training pants for them because they still have lots of accidents. Big Brother is almost in underwear all day but still has tons of accidents and only wears a pull-up at night and naptime. Little Sister has started refusing to wear diapers and wants panties but hasn't quite mastered the potty so lots of accidents there too. I think I found a happy medium where they aren't in pull-ups (you know the name brand ones) yet still have padding and some protection. I tried my hand at my first one today. I made a Trimsies Trainer. I made a size med (around a 2T/3T pants size) in a girly print for Little Sister with her waist and hip measurements but the butt is too big on her. Big Brother fits in the trainer perfectly though except for the leg holes and is currently testing it out for me.

I used a anti-pill fleece (one layer) and sewed the insert onto it. The insert is 4 layers of birsdeye fabric and a layer of anti-pill fleece on the bottom next to the fleece. I had to add leg cuffs because I didn't cut the material generously enough in the legs. I used the quick trainer variation of the pattern too. Next time I'll make a size small (18M/24M/2T) for the girl. The boy gets about 5 new trainers soon in boyish/gender neutral prints.


Becca said...

Let me know if you need any other testers...or want to make a sale! I am trying to build up the courage to potty train Jake and am SO tired of buying disposables. But regular undies aren't working well for us either.

Sheryl said...

I will let you know Becca.