Sunday, May 22, 2011

Preparing for the flats challenge

Wow things are going pretty quickly and the challenge starts tomorrow morning. I still need to do some prepping on the flats that I made. I cut out the material and I worried about not having enough for the Sisters I decided to make more than I had originally planned. I still need to sew around the diapers so they don't fray as much in the wash.

They are pretty colorful!
Here is the plunger with the holes in it and with the bucket for my "washer"
So here is what I've done to prepare for the challenge:
  • cut out 10 flannel squares (some are smaller than others because that's what I had on hand)
  • bought a plunger and a 5 gallon bucket from Walmart.
  • Mr H drilled holes in the plunger and the lid.
  • Tried out the washer by washing what I had dirty. I think the full load was 6 flats, 4 covers, an AI2 with 2 inserts, a Flip stay dry insert, and a fleece trainer. It was a bit full in my bucket but I washed them and hung them on the line outside since it was actually a sunny day. I did have to take them in earlier than I planned because it got pretty cloudy and looked like it would rain. All the flats and covers were dry but the others went into the dryer.
  • Figured out my covers. I have only a few that the Sisters share and technically I could use 10 covers because I'm diapering 2 kiddos but I don't have that many covers. I'm using 3 Thirsties Duo Wraps, 2 flip covers, and 3 fleece covers as backup and for naptime.
  • With all the flannel that I cut out the grand total of flats that I have is 26 for 2 girls. I don't think Big Brother will let me try to put a flat on him for naptime or bedtime.
I also made note of which flats are trimmer and which are more bulky. The flannel flats are bulkier with the origami fold on both of the Sisters. I love how trim the Osocozy flats and the flour sack towels are but the towels get wet quicker than the birdseye and the flannel.

Little Sister in an Osocozy flat Origami fold it is trim

A little bulk in the bum but that is to be expected.
Baby Sister in a receiving blanket flat Origami fold. It's the bulkiest flat I've tried.

And the flour sack towel is the trimmest flat.

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