Friday, October 2, 2009

Testing Pooligan's Diapers

A fellow cloth diapering mama is starting a cding business and asked for testers to test her diapers out. I told her I would do it and was able to get 2 diapers to test (makes sense with 2 kids). Anyway they are Pooligans for your lil' Hooligans diapers. They are made with a cotton knit outer material and bamboo velor and a trifolded snap-in soaker made from Bamboo velor and bamboo hemp fleece material. I received them a few days ago and they are sooooo soft and fluffy. I tried them on my kiddos after prepping them twice. They held up pretty good. Little Sister's diaper lasted her a few hours (because she wasn't wet when I put her down for a nap) while Big Brother's diaper I changed after wetting once - we are trying to potty train and he told me he needed to pee but had already gone and I didn't want to put the wet diaper back on him. Anyway I was able to get some pictures of the kiddos wearing their new fluff.

It works great with a snappie

Cute kids in their matching Ooga Booga diapers. Big Brother calls them "Booga Booga"

It would have been the perfect picture if Little Sister didn't move.

Nice and trim in the back and in the crotch. The back elastic does a good job.

They are currently wearing them to bed with a fleece cover over the top plus pj's. It doesn't look as bulky as the pockets stuffed with 2 inserts they normally wear to bed. They are pretty trim in the crotch and the elastic in the back stretches nicely for a tight fit (no poop running out the back on these I'm sure). The biggest test for me is night-time. Big Brother soaks through many of his diapers at night (that includes disposables).

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